She belongs to a Nuclear family. Her family comprises of 4 members including her. Her Father was the only breadwinner of the family she said, who works in a private firm  from which her family can’t meet many things of their daily life.

She belongs to schedule cast.One day she came to know that VENTURE SKILL INDIA PVT. LTD. Is giving free training program under the NULM project. She was happy about it and started learning free course. She done hard work and after 3 months she completed her course. And finally she is working in C.P Samiti Middle school as a Teacher in Jamshedpur.

Now her economic condition is little better than earlier and now there are two members who can earn in their family. She is happy about the skill development given to her from which she is able to meet his livelihood.

So a message was given by her that never loose your faith, always try to learn and achieve your dreams.


She belongs to a Nuclear BPL family. Her mother is no more she has one sister and two brothers. She is the only earning member of her family. Her father was a priest in a temple and could hardly earn his livelihood.

 She belongs to general category.As her father was a priest and hardly earn his livelihood, so it was difficult to complete her study. Unfortunately her mother passed away and all the responsibilities of the household come to her.

One day she heard about NULM courses from her friend and enquired about the course. She was eager to learn Computer course so she enrolled for the Computer and started to take training. She completed her training and started work as a freelancer. But she was not satisfied with her work. Today she is working as a trainer in an organization and earning livelihood for her family. All her dreams came true just because of NULM.

Now her economic condition is better than earlier and she is saving some money for the future, she is making her brother educate and feeling more confident. She wants to establish her own parlor in the future and provide employment for others too.

So a message from her struggle that, no one should loose their heart at bad times, keep patience and do their work positively, the desired results will follow definitely.


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